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Paphos, Cyprus, 2015 (left); summit of the Pinnacle in Stowe, 2015 (right)

To President Garimella, Provost Prelock, Dean Falls, and the Board of Trustees,

I write to you as a lecturer in the Department of Classics and as a Vermonter. As you can imagine, I’m devastated by the news of the proposed elimination of our majors, minors, MA programs, and our department. As a lecturer, I’m concerned about possible layoffs. As an educator, I worry about the education UVM will be able to offer students in the future.

But I am especially saddened as a Vermonter, and as one who earned a BA in Latin and Greek and an MA in Latin…

Donald Trump and Thucydidean Masculinity, One Year Later

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art by Mali Skotheim

Last year, in an article for Eidolon, I suggested that both Trump and Alcibiades preyed upon their respective voters’ insecurities, revealing that when masculinity is in crisis, hypermasculine rhetoric will prevail, however irrational and ill-informed the speaker. During the Republican primary discussions of gender focused on Clinton, but the comparison allowed me — and hopefully my audience — to consider how gender, specifically masculinity, shaped Republican rhetoric.

In the time since, more and more attention was paid to Trump’s toxic masculinity, culminating in both a standoff between Republican primary candidates over hand (i.e. …

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Jacques Réattu, “The Death of Alcibiades” (1796)

Gender has been a pervasive theme in media coverage of the Democratic primaries, as Kathryn Topper addressed in a recent Eidolon article. Less acknowledged, however, is the critical role that gender — more specifically, masculinity — is playing in the Republican race.

We expect candidates to trade policy-based jabs, yet lately their quips and insults sound like the stuff of reality TV: Rubio’s boots, called “cute” by Rand Paul, appeared in an attack ad sponsored by Jeb Bush’s SuperPAC. Rubio assured voters that, heeled boots aside, he is manly: after all, he bought a gun on Christmas Eve. …

Jessica Penny Evans

Jessica Penny Evans is a lecturer in Classics at the University of Vermont.

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