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  • Dafne B. Lepratti

    Dafne B. Lepratti

  • Dimitrios P Messinezis

    Dimitrios P Messinezis

    Writer. Classicist. Nerd. I’ll be sharing some of my knowledge about the Greek and Roman worlds, and making it understandable for everyone.

  • Johanna Hanink

    Johanna Hanink

    Greece this, Greece that johannahanink.com

  • Hope Clementine

    Hope Clementine

  • Stephen Andes

    Stephen Andes

    Pop Culture is everywhere. And all of it has a history. It tells us who we are and who we want to be. My current project is Zorro. https://zorrosghost.com/

  • Gordon White

    Gordon White

    I work for UVM College of Medicine and run the Blue Wave Taekwondo School. VW fan.

  • Andrew Tobolowsky

    Andrew Tobolowsky

  • Josef Langerman

    Josef Langerman

    CIO/CTO type for large organisations. Seasoned educator, speaker and coach.

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